Out with the old, in with the new!

“Another worthless year I accomplish absolutely nothing!” Gun Roswell

Out with the old, in with the new!

Somehow, managed to muddle through real life, work and family

And for that I had an extra kind of remedy

Getting totally lost in the very land of, fantasy

And staying there for as long as possible

Watch so many favourite shows during the year

Over and over and over, without any fear

The familiar episodes bringing tears but also joy

And that my dear readers, was indeed the ploy!

Managed to output some things too

Stories, articles, poetry accumulating but a few

Over six-hundred-k words typed with bleeding fingers

But seeing someone cheering out there, sent me good shivers

People a few, really good ones too, did I meet

Not that socialising was the thing I was out there to seek?

Becoming somewhat of a hermit, a recluse, pardon the excuse

Of a certain viral strain raising havoc across the plains

Managed to get a few great friends 

And over the internets no less!

We may never see each other face to face

But hey, as long as we share our favourites

That is all I really for the daily grind need

And so, without a doubt
Happy New Year, just the same!

Winter at the creek

“The winter time is for fun and games, at least, when skating on the iced over lake” Gun Roswell

Winter at the creek

The winter is full of fun filled days, even if there is no nearby lake. Because if the skating time beckons, you can always spot some place frozen over, a body of water nearby, whether it might just be a simple creek, which was just a few days ago, flowing quite free. But not today, as this is the minus degrees weather kind of a time, when all have frozen solid and all you need for some wintery fun, is an old pair of skates and warm clothing and then run, towards the place you seek. As it might just be the good ole creek you plaid water sports in the summer when just a little toddler, but now, as it has frozen completely over, it is as good as place as any, to go skating on the ice, which is solid and nice after all, the winter ball will be held near the there and then, be that bell of a ball who captures the souls of all those party goers at the winter’s fun and games gala, well, at least if you have a big enough fantasy, then hell yes!

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“There is snow out there, surprise! Even if it is the middle of the winter, it always seems to be the case!” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The snow like powder, hit the nature, covertly, even if it was all forecast and supposedly would last at least for a month of few, once it had fallen and plastered itself all across the land, and wherever one was to stand, as far as eyes could see, there was only snow, snow, snow and then some, oh, what fun!

But, no matter where one stands, on the topic of snow and winter, it is always so pretty, the freshly fallen sprinkles, of the crips white powdery stuff, no matter if getting outside to the cold with lots of clothing, is always gone sound out with a huff and a puff, but having to laugh, once outside, when the prettiness of it all hits the eyes.

The delicate window

“The old frail construct, made of glass and a wooden frame, try not to breathe too hard near it or it might just fall a part“ Gun Roswell

The delicate window

Old, frail, inconvenient, hard to handle? 

Just the same, it has lasted a long while, even giving a few smiles, the delicate framework, the painted artwork, all of it from the past, refitted to a modern day cast. 

And so, serving a purpose once again, the window, lending a peek through time, as how else would any of us learn, of our past, the long history, present there, through this, very old looking glass.

The ever changing hues of the skies 

“The colours of the skies are changing constantly, depending on the mood of the weather gods” Gun Roswell 

The ever changing hues of the skies 

The morning hours, darkness the prevailing colour of the overall space, but as the constant, nothing of the same hue remains for too long and as soon as the clock hits sun rise, even without the bright ball itself taking a hold of the globe, the darkness soon fading, making way to the shifting light colours, from possible fiery reds, to calming blues, depending on the forecast of course. So, soon enough the horizon sometimes rough and grey, won’t long that shade to be staying, as the light filled hues of all the blues are making their place in the daily space of the skies above. Sometimes filled with varied shapes and sizes, calling them clouds, fluffy or strong, they might just stay there a moment, filled with rain and storm, but those too soon will pass and then it is time to prepare for the nightly shades, the oranges, the reds again, as the setting of the sun might just appear. Hanging there a moment for all those gawkers enjoyment, before heading to rest, and the best pale moon light will take over, the darkness once again present, but completely changed because of the small shiny rock and its companion stars, because Mother Nature is nothing if not smart.

The Glowing Blue Wheel

“The glowing blue wheel brightening the darkest of nights“ Gun Roswell

The Glowing Blue Wheel

The blue against the black, against the backdrop of the darkened night sky, the wheel of somewhat fun, but also, the wheel of hope, at least for those, whom are in the total darkness lost, bringing light ever so far, and so bringing the hope, for them to find a way home, having stumbled in the long night for so long, their feet, none too strong, but as soon as the wheel is to be seen, they too know,  not all is for good lost.

The winter afternoon sunset

”The setting sun, is  as pretty as a pun, well if that was the case, which is not, because it’s part of the cycle of nature, is all” Gun Roswell 

The winter afternoon sunset

It was still early.  but that did not stop the sun, from starting to set, as it was that kind season, where we just let it do so, without any kinds of questions. The only thing to think of at this very moment, is to simply watch in awe, and then repeat to everyone what I just saw. And it was totally pretty and awesome even if the sun was setting, practically, in the middle of the day, something happening only during the season of winter and not in spring time may. Still, it does not matter whether the season is correct or not, as this stuff, the sunset, is a gift from Mother Nature with love. So, do not judge this book by the season or time of day, rather simply enjoy the soothing day ending display and then happily your head to rest lay, knowing the sun is still out there no matter what time of day or year it might be and again soon it you will see.

Holiday Seasons Greetings

“A very short time for a celebration and holidays, but hey, I’ll take it!” Gun Roswell

Holiday Seasons Greetings

When the two days of pleasure, puts on a lot of pressure

Because hey, it’s just a few days, and packing in all to slay

The checklist done earlier this year, just in utter fear

Of loosing out on some of the important things to be done

During over three hundred days, packed with all and maybe fun

But then, the fatigue hits and all you can do it just sit

And watch as the candles softly flicker, forgetting all the bigger

Worries and what nots and simply, sipping some eggnog

Because that, is what this season, is really all about!

Xmas Eve

“It was the day before the real  xmas, or at least, in some countries it is so, at least” Gun Roswell

Xmas Eve

Up here, in the North, we celebrate the Xmas time without much of a ball

Even if the trees might have some, but we, us dwellers, prefer not to have too much fun

As peace and quiet, is the key word, so not to cause any kinds of riots

As Santa Claus or Father Xmas, which ever way you prefer without, still class

Has that one dude, who will bring us, well not food, but at least some stuff

And hey, that all should be quite enough, for this time of the year

When we are mostly gathered, together, in a sort of a celebration, without fear

Xmas Eve Eve

Xmas Eve Eve

Twas the night before xmas eve

All was, well almost silent

Nothing stirred, not even a mouse

Who possibly already got out of the house

That louse!

And i had even bought a present for it

Oh shit!

Well, maybe the neighbours hamster

Would be grateful for a little wooly sweater

Dispute that hateful letter

I had written to them

Because of all that loud singing

Each night i kept hearing

Sitting by the window

Watching everyone else go

Knowing full well nowhere was better

But who could argue with a grammy

Shouting bloody murder if you don’t get here

By xmas eve the latest

Or there would no doubt be hell to pay

At least, thats what i heard the lady next door say

So now, all is finally peaceful

And i am ready for the boring and dull

Xmas cheers my ass

I would prefer a good comedy and laugh!

So why this mood all made in fowl?

I dunno, better ask the owl!

So why not go outside and howl

You got your xmas wish

There are no dirty dish

This year just me myself and I

So laugh it out and keep on with a smile!

Happy holidays to one and all!