Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“There is snow out there, surprise! Even if it is the middle of the winter, it always seems to be the case!” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The snow like powder, hit the nature, covertly, even if it was all forecast and supposedly would last at least for a month of few, once it had fallen and plastered itself all across the land, and wherever one was to stand, as far as eyes could see, there was only snow, snow, snow and then some, oh, what fun!

But, no matter where one stands, on the topic of snow and winter, it is always so pretty, the freshly fallen sprinkles, of the crips white powdery stuff, no matter if getting outside to the cold with lots of clothing, is always gone sound out with a huff and a puff, but having to laugh, once outside, when the prettiness of it all hits the eyes.

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