Winter at the creek

“The winter time is for fun and games, at least, when skating on the iced over lake” Gun Roswell

Winter at the creek

The winter is full of fun filled days, even if there is no nearby lake. Because if the skating time beckons, you can always spot some place frozen over, a body of water nearby, whether it might just be a simple creek, which was just a few days ago, flowing quite free. But not today, as this is the minus degrees weather kind of a time, when all have frozen solid and all you need for some wintery fun, is an old pair of skates and warm clothing and then run, towards the place you seek. As it might just be the good ole creek you plaid water sports in the summer when just a little toddler, but now, as it has frozen completely over, it is as good as place as any, to go skating on the ice, which is solid and nice after all, the winter ball will be held near the there and then, be that bell of a ball who captures the souls of all those party goers at the winter’s fun and games gala, well, at least if you have a big enough fantasy, then hell yes!

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