Out with the old, in with the new!

“Another worthless year I accomplish absolutely nothing!” Gun Roswell

Out with the old, in with the new!

Somehow, managed to muddle through real life, work and family

And for that I had an extra kind of remedy

Getting totally lost in the very land of, fantasy

And staying there for as long as possible

Watch so many favourite shows during the year

Over and over and over, without any fear

The familiar episodes bringing tears but also joy

And that my dear readers, was indeed the ploy!

Managed to output some things too

Stories, articles, poetry accumulating but a few

Over six-hundred-k words typed with bleeding fingers

But seeing someone cheering out there, sent me good shivers

People a few, really good ones too, did I meet

Not that socialising was the thing I was out there to seek?

Becoming somewhat of a hermit, a recluse, pardon the excuse

Of a certain viral strain raising havoc across the plains

Managed to get a few great friends 

And over the internets no less!

We may never see each other face to face

But hey, as long as we share our favourites

That is all I really for the daily grind need

And so, without a doubt
Happy New Year, just the same!

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