Out with the old, in with the new!

“Another worthless year I accomplish absolutely nothing!” Gun Roswell

Out with the old, in with the new!

Somehow, managed to muddle through real life, work and family

And for that I had an extra kind of remedy

Getting totally lost in the very land of, fantasy

And staying there for as long as possible

Watch so many favourite shows during the year

Over and over and over, without any fear

The familiar episodes bringing tears but also joy

And that my dear readers, was indeed the ploy!

Managed to output some things too

Stories, articles, poetry accumulating but a few

Over six-hundred-k words typed with bleeding fingers

But seeing someone cheering out there, sent me good shivers

People a few, really good ones too, did I meet

Not that socialising was the thing I was out there to seek?

Becoming somewhat of a hermit, a recluse, pardon the excuse

Of a certain viral strain raising havoc across the plains

Managed to get a few great friends 

And over the internets no less!

We may never see each other face to face

But hey, as long as we share our favourites

That is all I really for the daily grind need

And so, without a doubt
Happy New Year, just the same!

Happy Angela Lansbury Day (18.9.)

I’ve never been particularly aware of my age. It’s like being on a bicycle – I just put my foot down and keep going” Angela Lansbury


Her big blue eyes and pouty lips
Taking a stance, with hand on her hips
Singing, dancing, humour and drama
Clapping our hands, shouting ‘brava’

The Dame, in the name, may have lead you to fame
And our fansburiens lives, have never be the same
Dame Angela, may thy name be written across the skies
We’ll stand down here, making high fives

Tails of the Black Cat


“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot

Tails of the Black Cat

The furry black cat
On the sidewalk sat
Looking for that rat
Who had entered the flat
The flat where the cat
Slept on the mat
Now ready for combat
With the daring rat
Who had woken the cat
From his well earned nap

“Soon I will you catch,
You feisty little rat!
I bet you taste like a bat
And possibly are non-fat
After all that
I will finally have my nap
On my comfy little mat!”

Curious Cat

“Curiosity, made the cat, venture out into the wide world” Gun Roswell

Curious Cat

The almost completely, white coloured observant smart cat
On the clear cut and hard stone covered patio sat
Ears, neatly, steered, towards the upon coming sounds
As if intended to come her way, from over, the clouds
Intently, she was always watching, the endless skies
As if looking for something or someone, over there flying
Maybe just, a small bird, or then again, even a loud plane
Eyes, intently, fixed on what ever it was, just the same
Nothing and no one ever passed, the vigilant cat by
As she kept on observing, perhaps, with a hint of smile
After all, she was aptly named, by those of her keepers
Whose house she liked to stay in, before each day dreaming
While looking up into the endless blue and fluffy cloud filled skies
The name of Curious Cat, landed on her, and that, is no lie
And to be faire and honest, the cat really did not mind
After all, she was well kept and the only thing of her required
Was to keep doing her thing, admiring, everything around
Even if she could only fantasise of flying, seated on the ground

Ode to Dame Angela Lansbury, a very happy 95th birthday!

“A true beauty for the ages, conqueror of all the stages, she most certainly is” Gun Roswell

Ode to Dame Angela Lansbury, a very happy 95th birthday!

A true beauty, surpassing all ages
The soft and fair conqueror, of film and stages
Nothing she has ever done, or will do, fades
As the one true star, she will always, stay

Dame Angela, a gorgeous rose, by any other name, you might say
Equal, to the one and true talent and all the following fame
And because or despite that, all of us fans, love you just the same
So a very happy ninety-fifth birthday to you, as we do our little parade
In honour, of this truly, and one totally fine day!

Madam Claus

“She does most of the work, don’t she and then stays, behind the scenes” Gun Roswell

Madam Claus

Always, fully and nicely dressed,
All in, that deepest of reds
Never mind, if she just got out of her bed
She is already neat, and totally complete

Breakfast, lunch or even fine dine
She is always the for to die
The Madam, oh, so totally divine
Just looking at her, makes one feel fine

They call her by many names
Madam, Mrs, Lady, nothing ever shady
In our memories thoughts the year she stays
Even if it’s just on day she does us grace

Happy 102nd birthday Finland (independence day 6.12.)

“I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I need to move to Finland” Floor Jansen

Image result for finland

Our Land

Oh Our Land Finland Fatherland
Echo Loudly Golden Word
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
One Day From Your Bud
You Will Bloom
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring

Friday, the 13th

“Happy Friday the 13th. Satan just texted me, saying, to watch my back…With one of those smirky emojis at the end.”

Friday, the 13th

The tale told below
Was it based on a true story?
Or just pure fiction?

That, my dear reader
Is for the writer to know
And for you to enjoy!
As I arrived in the office, the place seemed more quiet than usual. At least this early in the morning. Sitting in my seat, pondering, where everyone else were.

No emails, no calls
No contacts at all
Had I mistaken?
Or too early awoken?
Was this a wrong day?
A Saturday, a Sunday?

Thinking about it, the traffic had been oddly light.
Even though it had been early morning time.

After a few hours of waiting in solitude, people I had never seen, entered the room.
Talking in strange languages, sounding like a record been played back the wrong way.
I was observing them. They did not seem to notice me.

Passing me by
Wondering why
Seemed like a dream
So unreal did it seem

I tried to greet one of them. I kept repeating
Hello, hello, HELLO!

But unnoticed
Even by the closest
Visitor did I go

Getting irritated, I did no longer hesitate.
Jumped in front of the nearest stranger.
I did not feel I was in any danger.
Waved my arms and shouted.
Like a mad person undoubted

But nothing, no nothing stirred the strangers.
As if I wasn’t even there…

Maybe, just maybe
I had turned invisible
Or maybe,
It was all, just a dream

After all
It was Friday the 13th!

Sisu, Sauna and Koskenkorva for Midsummer

” When in Helsinki, do as the Finns do” 

Sisu, Sauna and Koskenkorva

Finns, what a nationality
We have quite the ability
To enjoy ourselves
With life’s simple little things

Sauna, heated to at least eighty degrees
Surely hot enough to melt any cheese
Beating each other with branches of birch
Almost as purifying as absolution in a church

Sisu, the spunk, guts and percistence
We have plenty of through out our existance
Rally drivers, Nokia, Linux and the rest
We only deliver the best

Koskenkorva, pure spirit made out of barley
After drinking, don’t ride your Harley
The Swedes may prefer their Vodka
But for the Finns, it’s pure dogma

We have lakes and forrests in abundance
So please come and join us
For a visit in the green of nature
It won’t leave you denatured