The ever changing hues of the skies 

“The colours of the skies are changing constantly, depending on the mood of the weather gods” Gun Roswell 

The ever changing hues of the skies 

The morning hours, darkness the prevailing colour of the overall space, but as the constant, nothing of the same hue remains for too long and as soon as the clock hits sun rise, even without the bright ball itself taking a hold of the globe, the darkness soon fading, making way to the shifting light colours, from possible fiery reds, to calming blues, depending on the forecast of course. So, soon enough the horizon sometimes rough and grey, won’t long that shade to be staying, as the light filled hues of all the blues are making their place in the daily space of the skies above. Sometimes filled with varied shapes and sizes, calling them clouds, fluffy or strong, they might just stay there a moment, filled with rain and storm, but those too soon will pass and then it is time to prepare for the nightly shades, the oranges, the reds again, as the setting of the sun might just appear. Hanging there a moment for all those gawkers enjoyment, before heading to rest, and the best pale moon light will take over, the darkness once again present, but completely changed because of the small shiny rock and its companion stars, because Mother Nature is nothing if not smart.

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