Seasons Greetings 

“It is that time of the season once again, the season of joy, celebration and yeah, gifts too, at least, of you have been mostly nice, because out there, those elves do spy!” Gun Roswell 

Seasons Greetings 

The seasonal decorations are finally all brought out, boxes and boxes worth of all kinds of stuff 

Colourful gadgets, sparkly trinkets and most of all, all kinds of coloured lights

The house soon enough filled, the decor totally changed, from calming pastels to the blown out colour splash of well, mostly greens and reds

But hey, it’s all okay, even if the home looks like Santa’s workshop from a campy movie from the sixties

It’s the time of joy after all, the time to act all coy, the bright and tacky colours all part of the ploy

Because once a year, you can act like that little exited kid, playing with all them cool X-masy toys

The music boxes of vary taken out too, might seem rather scary to the family dog, but especially the carolling going on, even if the words of the song might be long since forgotten 

But hey, tune it down every once in a while, so the poor thing can take a break from your off key singing

And then, during the specially marked evening, will finally arrive, and with real or fake smiles, the family gathering around the table of plenty

Maybe not so heavens sent, but you don’t really have to be all religious

To enjoy the festivities, of this seasonal party, especially when all the setup having taken some doing.

Angels and Elves

“The time of year, when the make-believe becomes even more stronger than any other time, the angel, the elves, even Santa Claus with his flying reindeer… well, guess it is time to talk a little more about them, those winged beings?“ Gun Roswell

Angels and Elves

They are pretty little things, with wings and yeah, they can totally sing, rather lyrically at that! Some mighty fine tunes, high opera even, their clear voices hitting that very ceiling.

But then there are elves too, those with the rugged looks, with large ears, even beards and such, their outfit certainly doing nothing for their tiny bodies, not like those of the angels, in their nighties shiny!

Still, whatever the ideal looks of these two fictional fractions just bight me, perhaps a little different for all of us, deepening on how much thought there really was spent, thinking of what these beings of fantasy are all about.

Whatever they just might be, the chubby little cherubs of fancy free, it doesn’t really matter, as they are most likely there just for the latter, the fancy and the free, making the home feel festive for the seasonal celebration.

Or then, they just might be real, and we are way too stubborn, them to see.

The darkness descends

“The land, certainly not in good hands, with the permanent darkness descending upon, after all, this is the starting event, of the Polar Nights “ Gun Roswell

The darkness descends

The totality of it all, the darkening skies, the feel almost of night, and the sun up, none too bright, almost gone, swallowed by the grey clouds.

The Polar Nights, as the dwellers up North called this, state, of sorts, the darkness descending, for months on end, all the way up until the year’s end.

There was nothing to do, except to accept the inevitable, stay indoors, have the lights on, and try to pretend, it was still day, even if looking out the window, would tell, quite the different story.

The cracks and shadows in the snow

“The snow is soft and easily cracked, marks left behind to track.” Gun Roswell 

The cracks and shadows in the snow

There are footfalls left behind on the soft surface of the newly fallen snow

Remaining there because it’s calm without the stormy winds blowing

And it looks like someone simply ran willy nilly back and forth

Without any kind of plan, a heading or location in their mind

Or the they were simply something perhaps lost trying to find

And thus leaving all these cool and interesting markings behind

For those onlookers getting a tad later to the outside

A riddle for sure to be solved, even in the midst of winter so cold

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

“The colours so vibrant it hurts the onlookers head, well, sometimes, but hey, just enjoy them for now as snow will fall soon enough!“ Gun Roswell

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

Suburbia coming to life with these colours being ever so bright. 

Never mind, the pouring rain, the plain and same ole colour of grey, the dominant for this season, at least where the skies are concerned.

Glance around, prance even if this is the time you have found to do so.

As this flow of nature, is at its very end, almost reaching the winter season, and then it is time to spend indoors, hoping the walls and floors will keep you warm!

Something hidden in the woods

“There is something there, in the wintery woods, something, secret, something magical perhaps?” Gun Roswell

Something hidden in the woods

The magic of winter, the soft cover falling all over, hiding something precious beneath, something which those dwellers will want to seek, even if might simply be a fantasy, concocted by fairy tales of the very past, being told around the camp fires, mouth to mouth without any written records passed.

But as the snowy cover none too long will last, perhaps a day, a week or a month, the weather gods, always so unpredictable, those treasure seekers really need to move fast, if they want to find, whatever they might just be looking for.

It might be something totally unseen and even unheard of, or then, they find nothing, but whatever the case might just be, it does not really matter for these die hard treasure hunters, as the quest is the one thing which moves them forward, no matter if there really is no reward in the end.

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“The snow fell upon the land, covering it all, with a white blanket, soft, but cold and well, guess that is all” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The bluish hue when the night falls upon the land on the shores

The snow having softly made a landing, now covering it all

Not just the land though, but also the newly iced over waterfall

The sparkly waters only yesterday roaring with life

Now simply frozen by the temperatures plummeted over night

It’s a pretty sight though, no matter the cold

And for those, loving the winter activities, feeling bold 

Can get out there with their skis, skates and whatever else daring 

Because soon enough, it will get either too cold or too warm

To really enjoy the scenery and the soft and sparkling snow

So, getting up and out there, no matter if liking it or not

Just try to go with the flow and enjoy, well, the snow

Snow and the very Calm Seaside

“The snow has landed, literally and figuratively, even if this one here, resides on the sea” Gun Roswell

Snow and the very Calm Seaside

Oh the snow, the snow, the snow, it is everywhere!

No matter where your eyes land or you try to stare!

The glare of it all, when the sun is shining, which is rare, at least during the dark and long winter season hours, lasting for, well, the whole day!

There is no escape, as most of us Northeners now know, you know, from the snow?

Because wherever you just might go, for sure, there will be more snow there too.

As seen on TV, the planet in rather of a turmoil, because, of the, well oil?

So, try to enjoy the time, no matter how cold, wet or whatever other word you might think of, this seasonal cruelty, the Nature itself has directed towards us small humanoid types trying to play ball.

Then again, why not go to space? There is no ice there, right?

Red and then some yellow behind it?

“The rose pretty as can be, painted red as a fire engine, but hiding behind it, was something of a yellow, a fellow rose for sure“ Gun Roswell

Red and then some yellow behind it?

The roses are always pretty, even if having passed their prime time to be seen, whatever that just might mean, with a stem so tall, green and totally lean, they always make sure to be seen, no matter the venue they are set upon

No matter the colour of the petal, the flowery part, the one which is the supposed smart, even if the stem has its thorns, which if pricked, will make a human bleed, and so perhaps the luscious thick part isn’t the one to be afraid of

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch, the Mandalorian, the Book of Boba Fett FanFiction – new stories posted on ao3 and – December 2022

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Own(AO3)andFanFiction.netof the adventures ofThe Bad Batch, Star Wars The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett!

These tales follow completely original story lines diverging from theStar Warscanon. All of them being pure fan fiction akaFanon.Naturally! Still paying homage to the original series.

Go check them out here on AO3:
In the heat of the Battle
Happily ever after?
My Knife is bigger than Yours
Opposites Attract

Or, on
TCW – In the heat of the Battle
TCW – Recovery – (BACARA NEYO)
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TBB – Toxic (CrosshairHunter)
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TBB – TCW – Tension (ECHOREX)
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