Seasons Greetings 

“It is that time of the season once again, the season of joy, celebration and yeah, gifts too, at least, of you have been mostly nice, because out there, those elves do spy!” Gun Roswell 

Seasons Greetings 

The seasonal decorations are finally all brought out, boxes and boxes worth of all kinds of stuff 

Colourful gadgets, sparkly trinkets and most of all, all kinds of coloured lights

The house soon enough filled, the decor totally changed, from calming pastels to the blown out colour splash of well, mostly greens and reds

But hey, it’s all okay, even if the home looks like Santa’s workshop from a campy movie from the sixties

It’s the time of joy after all, the time to act all coy, the bright and tacky colours all part of the ploy

Because once a year, you can act like that little exited kid, playing with all them cool X-masy toys

The music boxes of vary taken out too, might seem rather scary to the family dog, but especially the carolling going on, even if the words of the song might be long since forgotten 

But hey, tune it down every once in a while, so the poor thing can take a break from your off key singing

And then, during the specially marked evening, will finally arrive, and with real or fake smiles, the family gathering around the table of plenty

Maybe not so heavens sent, but you don’t really have to be all religious

To enjoy the festivities, of this seasonal party, especially when all the setup having taken some doing.

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