Angels and Elves

“The time of year, when the make-believe becomes even more stronger than any other time, the angel, the elves, even Santa Claus with his flying reindeer… well, guess it is time to talk a little more about them, those winged beings?“ Gun Roswell

Angels and Elves

They are pretty little things, with wings and yeah, they can totally sing, rather lyrically at that! Some mighty fine tunes, high opera even, their clear voices hitting that very ceiling.

But then there are elves too, those with the rugged looks, with large ears, even beards and such, their outfit certainly doing nothing for their tiny bodies, not like those of the angels, in their nighties shiny!

Still, whatever the ideal looks of these two fictional fractions just bight me, perhaps a little different for all of us, deepening on how much thought there really was spent, thinking of what these beings of fantasy are all about.

Whatever they just might be, the chubby little cherubs of fancy free, it doesn’t really matter, as they are most likely there just for the latter, the fancy and the free, making the home feel festive for the seasonal celebration.

Or then, they just might be real, and we are way too stubborn, them to see.

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