Holiday Seasons Greetings

“A very short time for a celebration and holidays, but hey, I’ll take it!” Gun Roswell

Holiday Seasons Greetings

When the two days of pleasure, puts on a lot of pressure

Because hey, it’s just a few days, and packing in all to slay

The checklist done earlier this year, just in utter fear

Of loosing out on some of the important things to be done

During over three hundred days, packed with all and maybe fun

But then, the fatigue hits and all you can do it just sit

And watch as the candles softly flicker, forgetting all the bigger

Worries and what nots and simply, sipping some eggnog

Because that, is what this season, is really all about!

Xmas Eve Eve

Xmas Eve Eve

Twas the night before xmas eve

All was, well almost silent

Nothing stirred, not even a mouse

Who possibly already got out of the house

That louse!

And i had even bought a present for it

Oh shit!

Well, maybe the neighbours hamster

Would be grateful for a little wooly sweater

Dispute that hateful letter

I had written to them

Because of all that loud singing

Each night i kept hearing

Sitting by the window

Watching everyone else go

Knowing full well nowhere was better

But who could argue with a grammy

Shouting bloody murder if you don’t get here

By xmas eve the latest

Or there would no doubt be hell to pay

At least, thats what i heard the lady next door say

So now, all is finally peaceful

And i am ready for the boring and dull

Xmas cheers my ass

I would prefer a good comedy and laugh!

So why this mood all made in fowl?

I dunno, better ask the owl!

So why not go outside and howl

You got your xmas wish

There are no dirty dish

This year just me myself and I

So laugh it out and keep on with a smile!

Happy holidays to one and all!

Seasons Greetings 

“It is that time of the season once again, the season of joy, celebration and yeah, gifts too, at least, of you have been mostly nice, because out there, those elves do spy!” Gun Roswell 

Seasons Greetings 

The seasonal decorations are finally all brought out, boxes and boxes worth of all kinds of stuff 

Colourful gadgets, sparkly trinkets and most of all, all kinds of coloured lights

The house soon enough filled, the decor totally changed, from calming pastels to the blown out colour splash of well, mostly greens and reds

But hey, it’s all okay, even if the home looks like Santa’s workshop from a campy movie from the sixties

It’s the time of joy after all, the time to act all coy, the bright and tacky colours all part of the ploy

Because once a year, you can act like that little exited kid, playing with all them cool X-masy toys

The music boxes of vary taken out too, might seem rather scary to the family dog, but especially the carolling going on, even if the words of the song might be long since forgotten 

But hey, tune it down every once in a while, so the poor thing can take a break from your off key singing

And then, during the specially marked evening, will finally arrive, and with real or fake smiles, the family gathering around the table of plenty

Maybe not so heavens sent, but you don’t really have to be all religious

To enjoy the festivities, of this seasonal party, especially when all the setup having taken some doing.

A Christmas Tale of sorts or as it goes: Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens

A Christmas Tale of sorts or as it goes: Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

The year was 1845. I was about ten years of age and working as a stable girl. Our family lived and worked in Lord Hamilton’s manor house. It was Christmas time and as a gift for the servants, the Lord arranged a feast for the staff and their families.

Mommy had the children dressed in their Sunday best. My two brothers were complaining about the stiffness of the shirts. Starch was itchy and could cause rash, especially if one scratched the itch.
I had my favourite dress on and my younger sister was a bit jealous of the red and green colouring. She was wearing a plain blue coloured hand me down.

After all the fuzz and hassle with the wardrobe, the whole family was finally set to go to the main house and start with the Christmas dinner. Us servants would be dining in the large kitchen. Several long tables were brought in with extra seats as well. This wasn’t a large household. With around fifteen servants and their families, well not all had children and spouses, all in all around sixty people in total crammed around the tables. The two cooks had had their hands full with the preparations and naturally every one that could had chipped in.

But now it was time for celebration. Everyone was finally sitting down and getting quiet. After grace the noise level rose again. Food containers were passed around and everyone was filling their respective plates. After all, it wasn’t often we got to eat in this manner and variety.

After a while, everyone had cleared their plates and it was time for dessert. My favourite was the Figgy Pudding. If possible I opted for seconds. As I got my plate of the delicious substance before me, I licked my lips and dug into it with gusto. It did not take too long for the food to disappear from my plate.

My mom looked at me with a smirk. I looked back at her and passing my bowl I asked: “Is there any Figgy Puddin’ left?”

I was smiling widely, feeling exhilarated, when the bowl was passed back to me with an other helping.

When the final bits were eaten, it was time for the traditional sing along. The farmhand brought out his accordion and after the first few tunes, we all joined in. The evening was spent singing, chatting and finally picking up the tables. We all went back to our dwellings, thanking the Lord for the special meal.

Merry Pudding and God bless us everyone!

Just call me, Mrs Claus

“Santa has it great. I buy all the toys. He gets all the credit.” Mrs Claus

Just call me, Mrs Claus

You may call me, Mrs Claus
Without applause
Doing my bid
Without one single payment of a quid
Without this, proud bride
Of Santa Claus
Would be, just empty banter
No kind of jolly
Or celebration folly
Neither for me
Or even, for you

A Visit, up there, to the famous North Pole

O, how glorious would it be to set my heel upon the Pole and turn myself 360 degrees in a second!” Joseph Banks

A Visit, up there, to the famous North Pole

A quick trip
To the North Pole
A little hop and skip
To the beat of the drum roll

The elves busy at work
Their faces in a permanent smirk
No time for breaks or coffee
Not even a little toffee

The holiday season is upon us
Which has caused all the fuss
Be careful where you step though
You may end up in a pile of snow

Santa’s sleigh
Without delay
Flying over the river
Presents to deliver

Hitch a ride
In a blink of an eye
You’ll be landing
At the front door standing

Was it a dream
So it would seem
But then again
Life is but a dream

A Break after Christmas

“A beer with some cookies, certainly a well deserved snack after X-mas” Gun Roswell

A Break after Christmas

When the holiday season is celebrated and done
It is the time for the Christmas labourers to have some fun
A well deserved break with family and friends
Before the big bearded boss them back to work sends
Some beer, burritos and a few cookies to enjoy
Makes forget the hard daily chores and shout ahoy
Seated in the North Pole’s one and only cafe-bar
Since there is really no time to go too far
Soon the bell beckons them all back to the ever going assembly line
Because next years stuff needs to be started in time
So don’t blame these busy bees of getting a tad drunk
It’s just to get out of this seasonal funk
And soon enough with a big fat smile on their faces
They will be working all over them places
Putting together all things on people’s lists
Yes, those are the elves, who’ll manufacture all your gifts

Glitter and Glam

“It’s that time of the season, when glitter and glamour is all around for no good reason” Gun Roswell

Glitter and Glam

Stroll, slowly around
In this seasonal holy ground
In a great big shopping mall
Making you feel quite small
As you glare around in much awe
With a gaping dropped down jaw
All that glitter and all that glamour
Causing even the neighbour lady to yammer
Myself, I try not to stammer
As all the lights and decorations
Are causing some seasonal heart palpitation
Without really a good explanation
But at this point it really doesn’t matter the reason
Just enjoying and joining the celebration
For all of this only comes along once a year
So hop along the festive train without any fear