Xmas Eve Eve

Xmas Eve Eve

Twas the night before xmas eve

All was, well almost silent

Nothing stirred, not even a mouse

Who possibly already got out of the house

That louse!

And i had even bought a present for it

Oh shit!

Well, maybe the neighbours hamster

Would be grateful for a little wooly sweater

Dispute that hateful letter

I had written to them

Because of all that loud singing

Each night i kept hearing

Sitting by the window

Watching everyone else go

Knowing full well nowhere was better

But who could argue with a grammy

Shouting bloody murder if you don’t get here

By xmas eve the latest

Or there would no doubt be hell to pay

At least, thats what i heard the lady next door say

So now, all is finally peaceful

And i am ready for the boring and dull

Xmas cheers my ass

I would prefer a good comedy and laugh!

So why this mood all made in fowl?

I dunno, better ask the owl!

So why not go outside and howl

You got your xmas wish

There are no dirty dish

This year just me myself and I

So laugh it out and keep on with a smile!

Happy holidays to one and all!

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