Open the shades, only when the sun to rest lays

“There shade, the sun, the clouds, the open skies, it’s all just one big illusion in one’s eyes” Gun Roswell

Open the shades, only when the sun to rest lays

The shade of it all!

Yes, just because the sun decided to stand oh so very tall!

And so, finding cover, of any kind was the one thing on everyone’s mind

The windows, the very homes, shutting down all doors, not a sprinkle of it getting inside

Just because someone thought that was the decision made ever so wise

No more peeking into the sun, even if it before was sun

No more glaring into the light, shining ever so bright

Because, someone said, it was not smart

And so, shade for all, was the option with with to go

Night time illumination

“Illuminated are the windows, reflecting their light from the hard surfaces, the lights of those dwelling inside” Gun Roswell 

Night time illumination 

The darkened night is upon the land of the so many dwellers, who can easily feel it fall

As soon as it happens though, the light of plenty and many are illuminating the roads ahead, long

Therefore, no worries, no sorrow, will follow them, as as clear as the very day, what ever lays

Ahead of them all, the eyes can clearly see, and there is no need, to get back inside, nor is there

To find a place to hide, just because, the very dark night, had fallen from above, none of them needs to feel small, the illumination saving them all

Just check behind the open door

“Welcome to have a look-see, our door is always open!” Gun Roswell 

Just check behind the open door

No locks, no stops, nothing there but the doors, which are open, twenty-four seven, at least so the sign says, so go on, don’t be afraid, simply step inside, no need to wait for an invite, just remember to be polite, once you have arrived, take a look around, maybe take a seat, stay a while, the people living there will give you a smile, their antics never vile, but don’t stay too long, because you know what they say about houseguests, who may try to overstaying their welcome 😎

Blue Shutters

“The blue on white, is like a flag of pride, whether the country home or foreign, the is nothing boring about the blues” Gun Roswell

Blue Shutters

The cool blue shutters, staving off the burning midday sunny rays, after all, even the walls are pained, only in whites to keep away, the scorching warmth of the ever present sunshine, even if most of us feel it is fine, as a few rays never harmed anyone, but the constant bombardment of them, could easily be causing some heart palpation, to those dwellers whom live behind the cooling blue painted shutters on top of the windows small of their home, standing in direct sunlight, all year long.

Neighbourly views

“Nothing of a more perfect view, like staring through, the neighbours window, peeping into the secret life never meant to?” Gun Roswell

Neighbourly views

The windows so close to each other, it is impossible not to see what the other side does, even if the curtains would be closed, surely one or few observing and vigilant peeps are a must, of course unless you get totally busted in doing so and then, well, it could be rather awkward for all, then or perhaps not?

Because aren’t we all, small versions of a peeping Tammy or Tom? Wanting a quick glimpse of it all, of how the other side supposedly lives, especially when looking through a rose coloured lens of course, after all, if they did not want someone to look, then why bother to keep the shutters un-shut?

Still, when sitting by the window sill, an admiring the many views, natural or those created by the lovely neighbours, there is no better reason, for a celebratory drink or few, alcoholic or simply sugarcoated whatever is fine to choose, as the peeping through the windows will continue, as long as there is something to view.

Nightly windows and doors, locked

Madrid, Spain

“There is always something interesting behind closed doors and covered windows, the curious mind wanting to have a look-see” Gun Roswell

Nightly windows and doors, locked

The doors and windows closed tightly shut

Then again, why the hell not?

It is night time and the darkness creeps people out

Wanting to shelter themselves and there ruts

But, sometimes there is this sensation of a must

The need to peek inside, even if just to have a smile

And perhaps something totally odd there to find

But even it was just something simple like life

Then that too could be as fine

As the Peeping One inside of every single one

Will want to know, how the other side goes

Is there something totally sad and bad there?

Or just some people snoring for the next day?

Perhaps a party or a more daring orgy?

Or maybe something totally outer worldly?

Whatever the thing is lurking behind the closed entrances

Rest assure, they will be seen by a lurker

Hanging around like a stalker with their snapper ready

The everyday persons paparazzi, a hunter nazi

Getting their kicks, but then again, no matter how sick

This might sound to most of us, you too, will want to know

As seen on the many televised shows

Madrid, Spain

Up on the windowsill 

“The old buildings with the mysterious windows are inviting to peek inside” Gun Roswell 

Up on the windowsill 

Eyes spied, an intriguing window, just up there on the wall off on ancient building, filled with so much history but also something of a mystery, as there inside of the very building ,could be hidden something very unique and special, at least, in your imagination if you really let it run totally wild, just like back in the day you were that small child, never afraid to explore the great unknown, even if told not to.

And, if you go with that fantasy, where the truth is never quite revealed, then imagine all the wondrous possibilities of what just might be hidden inside the walls bordered by the mysterious windowsills and reflections of those secrets painted across the glass, is an opportunity the curious mind die not want to pass, never mind if you never try to enter the inside, simply rely on that mind and let the big adventure begin.

So, do not be afraid, simply go to that pleasure stage, and take the first peek, inside of that window there up on the sill, get your fill of the magical quest, and maybe if you want, share with the rest of us, what it was you found there inside

The secret on the other side of the window

“There are secrets behind all windows, dare to peek inside?” Gun Roswell

The secret on the other side of the window

The split glass window on the mysterious looking wall
Was inviting passersby curious enough to explore
To take a long peek of what might lie behind the sleek
And small size but still perfectly cut to fit squares
Hardly even see through but inviting nevertheless
To bring forth the underlying adventurer and dare devil
And to seek out what ever mystery there was to uncover
Behind those four individual blocks of tainted glass
Because this game was about to begin and those on board
Would be assured a play of a life time when the chime
Dinged three times and then, there would be no turning back
As stepping through the window made of four blocks of glass
Was a portal to the unknown, to be now known to the those
Daring without scaring venturing into the world beyond

Doors and the Monochrome

“Even in a black and white world, you can still find windows and doors, leading to another world” Gun Roswell

Doors and the Monochrome

The mystical hatches will open up to
Another world, a realm of magic and few
Other things you may not realize you
Needed, but always in secret, wished
For, and now into the this place whisked
You’ll never have to wonder anymore
What kinds of great things life has in store
For you, now that you reached the door
Open it, take a peek inside,
Look, listen, of what you can find
Once you let that imagination go wild
There is nothing better than that in life
Or at least in this magical realm
If you succeed long enough to delve
Then this is the place for you, forever