The open door

“There is something about an open door, wanting to take a quick look inside, even if there is no invite” Gun Roswell

The open door

The door, remained open, as if left on purpose so

The invite perhaps left there for anyone passing by to cypher, to enter of not

As only the bold would most likely jump on the opportunity

Even if this was not a big city and most people knew the other

But, for the stranger, the new one in town,

This would be one of the few chances of taking a look around

Seeing how the locals lived, and with what kind of trinkets their home was filled

As there is a little peeping person in all of us

Simply wanted their curiosity to get satisfied

And so, the daring passenger from a foreign land

Decided it was the invite to take a peek, see what they can

From the doorway though, never really daring to enter

After all, respiting the privacy of others, was essential

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