Just check behind the open door

“Welcome to have a look-see, our door is always open!” Gun Roswell 

Just check behind the open door

No locks, no stops, nothing there but the doors, which are open, twenty-four seven, at least so the sign says, so go on, don’t be afraid, simply step inside, no need to wait for an invite, just remember to be polite, once you have arrived, take a look around, maybe take a seat, stay a while, the people living there will give you a smile, their antics never vile, but don’t stay too long, because you know what they say about houseguests, who may try to overstaying their welcome 😎

Nightly windows and doors, locked

Madrid, Spain

“There is always something interesting behind closed doors and covered windows, the curious mind wanting to have a look-see” Gun Roswell

Nightly windows and doors, locked

The doors and windows closed tightly shut

Then again, why the hell not?

It is night time and the darkness creeps people out

Wanting to shelter themselves and there ruts

But, sometimes there is this sensation of a must

The need to peek inside, even if just to have a smile

And perhaps something totally odd there to find

But even it was just something simple like life

Then that too could be as fine

As the Peeping One inside of every single one

Will want to know, how the other side goes

Is there something totally sad and bad there?

Or just some people snoring for the next day?

Perhaps a party or a more daring orgy?

Or maybe something totally outer worldly?

Whatever the thing is lurking behind the closed entrances

Rest assure, they will be seen by a lurker

Hanging around like a stalker with their snapper ready

The everyday persons paparazzi, a hunter nazi

Getting their kicks, but then again, no matter how sick

This might sound to most of us, you too, will want to know

As seen on the many televised shows

Madrid, Spain

Archways to some new places

“Exploring the unknown, through the many open entrances, archways and other kinds of open doors” Gun Roswell

Archways to some new places

Make the choice, if you haven’t already, and do, step through, the archway of a doorway to the unknown. There is nothing more adventurous than to embrace the new, coming through, this mysterious doorway, the ancient archway, the highway, to many adventures, across the ages, so feel free, to be, quiet daring and go already! The door is closing soon, just before the turn of noon, so make it quick or you will miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. But hey, don’t take my word of this all, as you may or may not have a ball, while travelling through the means of this, mystery portal, to whatever lands or vistas your imagination may inspire, and then you will be spending your life on the wire, but then again, you could end up on some alien world, as the portal by mistake had you hurled. Never mind, just try to be kind and keep in mind, this is an adventure of all time, so embrace it all, with a fine-toothed smile, or at least, a small smirk.

Doors, Entryways and Gates

“Remember, to check behind each and every door, open and even closed, then only, will you find, that which, you seek“ Gun Roswell

Doors, Entryways and Gates

The darkened wooden door, most likely, had something special in store
Shut close, tightly, even, if the red car up front, was in the sunlight gleaming brightly
The short clotheslines, filled with every day garments, of lived lives
But, when trying the handle gently, there was no granted, entry
All the secrets, of those dwellers inside, continued to remain, in the hide
The bright cream coloured house, with an off white entryway 
Planted pots evenly placed alongside, the narrow and tall stairway
Almost scenic in view, alas the entrance to the house, was reserved only, for a few
Alas, there was no sign, no written words, nothing, even slightly suggesting
That the odd visitors, were welcomed, to this, fine local home
The blue painted gate, lead the weary traveller, to speculate
Was there something there, to be seen, here, at the gate and in between
The yard totally sparse, and the house of the gate was protecting
Lacking any kind of locks, soon enough, the traveller, inside did trot
Then, quickly crossing the yard, in just a few steps smart
Knocking, on the door, with anticipation, but eyes headed, towards the floor
Soon enough, the squeaky sounds indicating the opening
A small and timid crack only, but still, quite inviting
The traveller softly and slowly stepping, to the darkened inside
After all, at this point, turning back, was not an option
And from now on, the best bet, really is, to just keep going, on

Entryways to many places

“To enter any building or closed up space, you need to find the entrance to it!” Gun Roswell

Entryways to many places

The blank wall, does make you stall
But look around, even on the ground
The entryway, surely, can be found
At least, that is the point of this quest!

When you finally discover the sought one
Just make sure, it really is, the correct one
Because all the trap doors, should be avoided
At all costs, as they are really annoying!

Never mind, the “do not enter” sign
It was only put there, for a good scare
So, please, do dare, inside to venture
Who knows, you might be up for an adventure!

Doors and the Monochrome

“Even in a black and white world, you can still find windows and doors, leading to another world” Gun Roswell

Doors and the Monochrome

The mystical hatches will open up to
Another world, a realm of magic and few
Other things you may not realize you
Needed, but always in secret, wished
For, and now into the this place whisked
You’ll never have to wonder anymore
What kinds of great things life has in store
For you, now that you reached the door
Open it, take a peek inside,
Look, listen, of what you can find
Once you let that imagination go wild
There is nothing better than that in life
Or at least in this magical realm
If you succeed long enough to delve
Then this is the place for you, forever

Blue door

“What’s behind the door?” Gun Roswell

Blue door

Step in through the door
In the colour of blue, that is
If you dare, did I

Give you a scare or
Is your face so pale by nature?
So do let yourself inside

Who knows what scary things
You may find, after all, this is
A tale for the odd

And peculiar people, who like
To dabble in the adventures beyond an
Explanation from this world maybe

Even horror or some sort
Of supernatural thing, which will make your
Heart sing, until it it

Pops out and lays still
On the ground until you pop it
Back, and all is well.