Finding relief in the midst of summer’s heat

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun in the sun, until it gets really too hot!” Gun Roswell

Finding relief in the midst of summer’s heat

The day too hot and running sweaty, inside trying not to let it in, but the humidity sweeps through the cracks on the walls, which were supposed to stand tall for an eternity or more. Still, the heat and the sun seem to find their way, no matter what. Simply no respite from this kind of a torment to be found not even if sitting on the cold concrete ground. The only choice, to go outside, for some cool and calming breezes to try to find. Well, that would be the ultimate winning price am I right?!

When out the door, the wall of hotness hits in the face and slams you back against the floor. The smells of flowers, trees and other summery fields all forgotten, as the stinky odours of the hot and humid weather front greets you there. The only hope for some relief, is to try to get down to the beach, where the waves are bringing in, the cool summer winds, near by the water’s edge, where sitting on the ledge and letting the fine summer winds embrace you until the skin, has cooled down and then maybe, that seemingly permanent frown, will turn upside down.

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