Finding Shade

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of shade” Gun Roswell

Finding Shade

The sunny rays, seemed to be so totally hazed, when looking out the window, in the early morning hours. Alas, when venturing to the beach, it seemed, that the heat, had risen to a hundred degrees. The formerly calm and cooling summer winds, did not want me to start to sing as the sweaty stains and the smell of burning skin was making it difficult to concentrate on anything except finding a place as quickly as possible to sit and then without any time to hesitate, plunge into the waves simply to get away from the scorching heat and admitting defeat. Sun, you had won again!

But there was a sliver of hope in this adventure of the day, as much to a surprise, I spied a remote location in a good disposition. A solemn parasol, discarded, maybe, who knows. But deciding to find it out, trekking towards the one that I knew was without a doubt, going to save me from the heat and give me a place, in the cool and calming shade. As I closed in on it, I found out the reason for discarding it. It was a rickety looking old school bamboo kind of a construct, but hey, as it cast a shadow onto the sand, I was sold and made my stand, under the one place, I had found my very own shade for today.

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