Sunset over the calm wave’s 


“The setting sun, against the soft flashing waves, is a total cliche of sorts” Gun Roswell 

Sunset over the calm wave’s 

Watching the setting sun across the waves of total calm, trying to stay warm with the last moments of those special rays, I have been feeling all day, and soon I will have to let go of it all, but for now, I will enjoy this perfect moment in time, when it’s just me, myself and I, and with the feeling of just fine, and doing so with a big smile, as this short while, is really all I got, before the darkness consumes it all, the light completely gone, until the next morn brings a new dawn. And then once again, I will be able to watch all the reflections of the sunny rays on the surface of the waters, whether they be calm or restless, it is simply is the way of nature. Then again who could argue against it, as it is happening whether we like it or not, but just going with the flow of it, is the  best bet and then let, all the changes of the day, effect yourself in a good way.

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