The stormy snowy wintery weather 

“The weather is totally messed up these days, guess we are all in for a huge big climate change” Gun Roswell 

The stormy snowy wintery weather 

The image seen, when looking out the window, a messy kind of scene, unexpected on many levels as the dream, for a fun filled winter’s day now in a pile of gooey stuff lay, as the plans of a fun filled snow day flew literally out the window upon seeing the horrid marks left on the window like someone had blown all the sleet haphazardly on the go, smashing and smushing it all, and the winds blowing with so much gusto, were creaking inside the sills and doorways, even tapping on the tin of the roofs, complaining of too much noise as the levels not the choice for a calm winter day, but despite the dismay, it was still great for those whom inside would stay, perhaps in front of the warming fires to lay, read a book or watch a movie, just something soothing for the nerves at the weekend as messing with the outside weather would not be a good option, not today, not when the storms were making their concoctions out of the snow, rain and ice, definitely nothing too nice.

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