Rooftop view is a point of view

“The view from above is always so much cooler than the one from the ground” Gun Roswell

Rooftop view is a point of view

The slippery tiles of the tops high, making me think it was quite the insane venture, in getting up here, on the top of the house, just because someone suggested it would be a great place to set up, a monitoring space to keep an eye on the rest of the world, at least do I’ve heard.

But as I try to make my way, across the steep structure with too much sway, I begin to wonder if it was indeed a great idea after all, and perhaps would only cause my fall, all the way down to the very ground, but as I glance around, seeing the views up here only to be found, I get a change of heart, as this was way smart a move to make after all.

And now, here I sit, on a somewhat comfy fit, with my surveillance gear and a large sandwich, watching, observing, even learning, what other people do, when they think nobody has the view, to their secrets below, but hey, sitting up here on the rooftop, gives me the perfect inside scoop, and so being in the loop of the goings on below have never been more easy, even if stalking others seems, well, sleazy.

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