The tree hide from the road side

“Hide behind the trees in this wintery scene, dressed all in white, just to blend in, which is quite smart“ Gun Roswell

The tree hide from the road side

It was the perfect spot, to hide just there on the dot as walking down the streets of winter, covered with all the snow, you might just come across with someone you know, but the interaction might not be desired and the best bet would then be to seek out someplace to hide. So, be well prepared for this outing for this special outing, by dressing up in the smart things, such as camouflage attire, meaning mostly clothing of the colour white, to blend neatly in the newly made snowy cover of well, white. Then, when you hit that road of long, trusting in the ploy so fine, you can still smile, even a tad evilly as now, there is no need for being too neighbourly as you can easily find cover, the perfect hide out behind the many of trees road side, the perfect spots to lay low, when ever someone you might know, is passing by. So, do not be afraid in jumping aside and getting behind that three hide on the road side.

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