The calm of the small harbour

“The small spaces are the most comfortable ones, with little if no people present, and so, there is always calm without the puns” Gun Roswell

The calm of the small harbour

The small harbour waiting for the daily dose of people, on their way out to the great seas, perhaps some fishing to do or simply, for a leisure cruise, no matter what the purpose, the early morning always means some hassle. And then, the traffic jam is gone and left alone, are those few vessels, whom did not have any takers, at least, not today, but if they are lucky, then tomorrow someone them will be picking, for a ride out there to the lasting waves.

But, if you are not really a sea farer, not really, but you love the seaside, then why don’t you arrive to the harbour, just after the rush hour, fully prepared mind you, with a picnic basket in tow, even if you do not plan out there to row. The harbour life can be as much fun to mere observe of life, as getting out there in the open air of the waters, because a lot of stuff is going around all over the place in a small harbour area supposedly quiet, if you keep your eyes and ears peeled, and then interesting people, tall tales and other kinds of things, you me just be able to see and hear, and that is happening all in the calm of the small harbour environment.

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