The struggle eternal

Yep, it’s Winter time once again, that horrid cold and dreary blanket tightening around us and not letting go, until maybe April or May “ Gun Roswell

The struggle eternal

The snowy paths seemingly tempting, at least when viewed from the window from comfy and warm inside, but this illusion of puffy whites and fluffy piles of soft powder only hides the fact, that it is really, really cold in there and if you even try to let out one single word of swear, your breath will freeze in an instant and the curse will only become a soft whisper, in the seemingly gorgeous and absolutely picturesque scene, of a picture perfect snow filled postcard, something to send for a seasonal holiday, even if this specific day, would leave the visitor daring the winds and gust and cold, totally not sold on the idea of “yeah this is what I really wanted to do for my one day of holiday!” 

Alas, this season too, is part of the vicious cycle of life here on the planet of these humans birth, the options not really there, unless, somewhere else on the sphere a relocation plan can be fared, but usually, it is simply best to stick with the planned life despite all the strife as soon enough, there will be warmer weather ahead. Besides, these days, you can simply stay indoors and enjoy the coco and s’mores, and sleep until the sun rises once again in May.

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