Up on the windowsill 

“The old buildings with the mysterious windows are inviting to peek inside” Gun Roswell 

Up on the windowsill 

Eyes spied, an intriguing window, just up there on the wall off on ancient building, filled with so much history but also something of a mystery, as there inside of the very building ,could be hidden something very unique and special, at least, in your imagination if you really let it run totally wild, just like back in the day you were that small child, never afraid to explore the great unknown, even if told not to.

And, if you go with that fantasy, where the truth is never quite revealed, then imagine all the wondrous possibilities of what just might be hidden inside the walls bordered by the mysterious windowsills and reflections of those secrets painted across the glass, is an opportunity the curious mind die not want to pass, never mind if you never try to enter the inside, simply rely on that mind and let the big adventure begin.

So, do not be afraid, simply go to that pleasure stage, and take the first peek, inside of that window there up on the sill, get your fill of the magical quest, and maybe if you want, share with the rest of us, what it was you found there inside

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