Old barn holds its own charge  

“The ancient looking barn, might look a tad worn, but it’s still in charge, storing treasures on the inside?” Gun Roswell 

Old barn holds its own charge  

It may look somewhat, run down, but before you frown, just take a look inside, because it looks totally fine, and as to the why this is so?

Well, it might just be, because it was all refurbished, well, just a tad, nothing too rad, just the inside modernised and the outside left as it once was.

And so now, the lesson learnt, which is even old school dwellings can be turned, to liveable quarters and more, just because, tearing down something beautiful, is never a good option.

An alien looking construct

“The unicoloured monochromatic construct reaching for the dark skies… could this be built by ancient aliens or simply futuristic humans?“ Gun Roswell

An alien looking construct

Touching the sky, ever so lightly, and perhaps because of that it is radiating the brightest of lights, even with the material concrete, but it is no more or no less illuminating, reflecting ever so softly, all that pretty light from the above skies.

Some say, it was built by ancients from the very past, built so it would last the testament of time, while others claim in one loud chime, that it just popped up there only yesterday like child’s play, but it does not really matter when or whom it was which structured the building, not painted or guilds, as it certainly is a beacon for us all, standing ever so tall.

So, what remains for us mere mortals to do, is to simply look up and this construct adore, give it the adoration it deserves and bask, bask away in the guiding light as it all blurs, into the surrounding neighbourhood.

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

“The tall slim building, sits on top of the hill, but not just any old structure, but a cafe, of sorts“ Gun Roswell

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

The angle quite strange, the house, top heavy, but sturdy just plenty, as it has lasted for hundreds of years, having been hauled over from some other place.

And so, here it stands, in all its beauty, and all its glory, the old house, refurbished as a home, but also, a place of business, for those venturing to the historical island, and after some walking, become rather thirsty.

The cafe as the house doubles as, will give the weary traveller plenty, of options including the steaming dark liquid, but pastries and other delights.

Feeling somewhat peckish? Thirsty perhaps?

Step in, take a load off and enjoy the ancient ambiance!

Abandoned, not forgotten

“The houses of the past, made to last, except they were abandoned, by those who lived there, and no longer want them” Gun Roswell

Abandoned, not forgotten

Those pesky old homes, without a the glitter or domes, abandoned they stand, without any helping hand, refusing to go down, to crumble, because they were made to last, even if those dwellers did not last, rather past by, the houses not nye, and so, leaving to their own devices, to die in the process, but refusing to do so, only waiting, dormant, for some other kinds of beings for there to stay.

The stairways lead, up, up, up!

“There is just something inherit about wanting to go ever higher, nothing seems to be high enough, but these stair will take you there, at least, somewhere close by“ Gun Roswell

The stairways lead, up, up, up! 

Up, up, ever upwards, towards the highest of skies, or at least, a place, where the sun shines, towards the tallest peek, to find whatever it is that you seek, forever and now, always trying to get more higher than before, that is the only goal, as what else is there, except the thrive to get to the spot where everyone else is below?

Up on the windowsill 

“The old buildings with the mysterious windows are inviting to peek inside” Gun Roswell 

Up on the windowsill 

Eyes spied, an intriguing window, just up there on the wall off on ancient building, filled with so much history but also something of a mystery, as there inside of the very building ,could be hidden something very unique and special, at least, in your imagination if you really let it run totally wild, just like back in the day you were that small child, never afraid to explore the great unknown, even if told not to.

And, if you go with that fantasy, where the truth is never quite revealed, then imagine all the wondrous possibilities of what just might be hidden inside the walls bordered by the mysterious windowsills and reflections of those secrets painted across the glass, is an opportunity the curious mind die not want to pass, never mind if you never try to enter the inside, simply rely on that mind and let the big adventure begin.

So, do not be afraid, simply go to that pleasure stage, and take the first peek, inside of that window there up on the sill, get your fill of the magical quest, and maybe if you want, share with the rest of us, what it was you found there inside

Bricked walls keeping us safe

“The walls are supposed to keep us all safe, but they can also divide us from the rest of the world, at least, so I have heard, perhaps it’s not so bad after all?“ Gun Roswell

Bricked walls keeping us safe

The ancient stones, dug from deep within the earth, just because, those builders from the past, knew well, that those stones, would so totally last. Erecting the walls of old school structures, making them safe and sound, without any interruptions, and now, even if those stone cutters are long gone, those stones or rather bricks they laid are still standing strong. And there is really nothing wrong, in wanting a monument left behind you, whether that be a statue, a thought or a even building, something of a reminder, of those people who dwelled in those structures, can still be seen inside the heavy built walls, or at least the spirit of them, lingering on, the good kind, or perhaps even haunted ones, still, it does not matter as even today, the people living inside of the walls are feeling safe from the outside dangers lurking, even if they might simply be the imaginary kind, but hey, staying inside, is also fine, especially, when living in history itself, what better place is there really to dwell in, than a bricked laid wall, never failing.

Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

“The blues are in control, now and forever, covering the buildings and the skies“ Gun Roswell

Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

Glass on the walls, glass on the floors, glass even covering the doors and roof, as there is clearly proof, while the skies of blue, are slowly but surely taking over the tall and proud building, trying to reach for heavens, and now, it found the way, to the ever lasting blues.

But, this is not a bad thing as the blues will totally make those dwelling inside to sing, the blues but in a cool calming tone, chilling and elating everyone to the core. Alas, fear not as it is all very good, the feelings and sensations coming from the above.

The blues, can be a song, or a colour most serene, even a feeling when you want to dream, and during that time you are seeing, perhaps the future of a blue hue, living inside of it in a tall glass building, the blue cool skies scraping.

But then again, you may just want to dwell inside the blue, no matter of the place exists up in the skies or down on the very ground, it’s all perfectly good, as life in the blue should be just the way you choose, without too much confusion getting in the way.

Ancient homes still standing bold

“They are built to last, out of stone, from the past, carved with pride, for the durance of time“ Gun Roswell

Ancient homes still standing bold

They stand there, partly broken, but somewhat in tact, the materials used for building, had ensured they would last, so that now those of us historically inclined, can stand here and them admire, at least until such time, that they might expire, but the doubt it will happen in our lifetime, or even the next is very high, as most likely, these dwellings, made for living, commerce and even worship, will be there for the foreseeable future, even it them we would no longer nurture. But for now, there is no debate of that, rather the simple fact remains, that we, need them to preserve and make sure of so many more generations to come, this, our history, our legacy, will survive and then we can pat ourselves on the backs of a job well done, and stand there in awe to admire the end result. The beauty of the past, whether a painting, a statue or even a brick, is worth our attention, and so, we do go on admiring and making sure, there will be so much more under our watchful preservation.

The ol’yellow house

“The old house painted in flashy colours, inviting to say the least, so let’s step inside and see, what the fuss is all about” Gun Roswell 

The ol’yellow house

Step right in, it’s open house today, all of this gorgeous yellowness is on for display, take a good look all around too see what interesting things in the ol’ yellow house can be found. After all this an archaic house, filled with hidden traits, trinkets and such, just at the very reach for those whom carefully seek. So, don’t get so bleak, rather step through the door and see what the yellow house has in store for you this time around.

Take a chance while you can, as the ol’ yellow house, might just be but a dream, not really what it seems and do, gone before you realize, as you walk through that door and take a  good long stroll around the whole thing, it may be round like a ring, or then square like the box in, well town’s square. But whatever you can imagine, it will be there waiting there for you and so, stay a while, to get that smile on your face, because the next thing which will happen is, that you will wake up and  it’s all gone. No more yellow house as it was all a simple dream.