The Blue and the River

Brazil, River Negro

“The river is blue as is the mood, of those travelling along the waves soothing “ Gun Roswell

The blue and the river

The river painted in the colour of blue, by the clouds and the moment, which came too soon, the setting of the sun combining the elements of water and air, creating a totally new hue, the blues, as some of us like to call it. 

And in this moment, of the blues, everything stalls, even the view, the small boat making its way back home to a safe harbour, but before it will arrive to its home space, it too, will halt all movement, just for the sake of the moment of the blues.

And that is simply because everything and everyone is affected and totally drawn to the phenomena as no-one can it resist, no matter how hard they would want to try, but nobody ever does. 


Simply, because it exists, in time, in space, everywhere and each and every day it will be there. 

Well, almost. 

And then, after the stolen moment has gone with a blink of an eye, the blues, all of it, disappearing, into the nothingness it came from, and only then, it all moves on, time and the night fall.

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