Standing Guard

London, UK

“The one standing guard, watching over their estate, forever present” Gun Roswell

Standing Guard

Always there, always present, ever vigilant and alert, forever watching over those under their protection, and times passing do not change, the one single task, this one was for made.

But this was not always the case as in the very past, there was nobody there, watching over those  in peril, as times were hard and without the guard, they could not defend themselves from whatever was coming their way, and never really able their heads in rest lay.

Then, someone with courage stepped forth, making sure, that all of those living under their court, would be protected against whatever their way just might have been thrown, and in those times, as in modern times too, there were lots of culprits totally bad to fend against, which is kind of sad.

And so, from that point on, this on guardian, the watcher of the dwelling below, would stand tall, even in the after life, having become a monument during the cause of time, the job of the guard will never be done, keeping the eye on those under their protection, even if it were to be someone staying only for while.

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