The big divider

“The line must be drawn here, no farther, or then we have to walk more!“ Gun Roswell

The big divider

The one single file line, almost as if drawn across the land, even if it was just snow or sand, but it’s clearly there, dividing it all, the dirt, the water even the ice and snow, and it was just lain there in a straight kind of way, by the winds blowing. And well, that was just nature showing, it can do what it pleases and with ease too, and well, if you wanted to choose, on which side you would take your stand? Well, know that no matter what the choice, you would always loose. That is just the way this game is played and so, better just in the middle stay, close to the line on either side, as it is considered the great divider, literally and figuratively. But if you want to bluff a bit, and not take any sides, at least, not so the it shows, then don’t cross that line, rather stay just a tad behind and then, when the situation gets really tough, with one simple hop, you might just be able to remedy that situation and be on the right side of the line once again, depending from which way you are looking from of course, as there is always a thing, the unpredictable thing, but hey, it’s all a game of chance anyway, so either you loose or slay, there is really no between in the divider.

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