Seated and in waiting

“There is nothing to do, except to sit and wait, for a minute, an hour or even a year, worst case scenario being that is” Gun Roswell

Seated and in waiting

The long wait ahead, or so it seemed, even if the queue was not that long and things seemed to moving nicely, but then, soon enough, when the turn was about to be mine, the moving along halted and nothing was happening for a while. There was nothing to do about it of course, but to patiently wait, as it was this was always the catch with this kind of affair, as nothing ever happened as expected, and somebody always had some kind of a complaint, leaving the others for a long, long wait. 

Well, there was an upside to the down and so, the long faced frown, soon turned around as the the table with free seats came to view. As luck would have it, the place across the queue, was serving some brew for those weary in waiting and so, quickly heading to the visible respite, finding the place totally empty, much to a surprise, but never mind, an order soon enough placed and seated at the table, and then, then with a sun in face, keeping an eye on the very place, with others queuing in their place, but me, I was waiting for my turn with a smile on my face on the comfy bench. 

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