Neighbourly views

“Nothing of a more perfect view, like staring through, the neighbours window, peeping into the secret life never meant to?” Gun Roswell

Neighbourly views

The windows so close to each other, it is impossible not to see what the other side does, even if the curtains would be closed, surely one or few observing and vigilant peeps are a must, of course unless you get totally busted in doing so and then, well, it could be rather awkward for all, then or perhaps not?

Because aren’t we all, small versions of a peeping Tammy or Tom? Wanting a quick glimpse of it all, of how the other side supposedly lives, especially when looking through a rose coloured lens of course, after all, if they did not want someone to look, then why bother to keep the shutters un-shut?

Still, when sitting by the window sill, an admiring the many views, natural or those created by the lovely neighbours, there is no better reason, for a celebratory drink or few, alcoholic or simply sugarcoated whatever is fine to choose, as the peeping through the windows will continue, as long as there is something to view.

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