Sailing into the calming waves

“Sailing into the sunset? Perhaps later, but right now, following the calming blue of the waves, is the best way to move ahead“ Gun Roswell

Sailing into the calming waves

The wind on my back, the sun on my face, where could be a better place, for at least a day to stay, more even, as it was no chore, than in a small vessel, lulled by the calming waves, no destination set, only to let the spirits of the undecided to guide me on my way, wherever it may lay, but for now, it does not really matter as the journey is just about to begin, and so, hoisting the sails, without any further delay, as it is time to set sail, out there, into the world open wide, with a hint of a smile, as I wave my goodbyes to those, standing by, but this life, has just begun and even if the path ahead was unclear and filled with unknowns, it was simply part of the fun, not letting anything to stun moving ahead, but always keeping eyes peeled on new adventures instead, and so letting the blue coloured flow guide through the waves, the small craft with just the single sail.

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