Achtung! Attention!

“Always watch out, and be on the look out, heightened state of alert, as something will always fall down!” Gun Roswell

Achtung! Attention!

There is always a kind of danger out there
Lurking, waiting, wherever you will dare to venture
But there is no need to get discouraged
Especially if you ate your plate of porridge
In the early morning before heading to the office
Because it will give you special kind of powers
And the streets you can walk for many hours
Without any kind of fear of being run over
Or getting hit by some force never seen before
So, when getting to the store, buying some milk
Or maybe even coffee, the taste being totally silk
Do not worry, rather walk with a jive step forward
Even to the bus stop, move like you wanna rock
As the danger is an illusion, a fear from the past
And so, with that in mind, well, move along fine
But hey, just in case, take with you an umbrella
It might start to rain!

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