Stacked against the odds

“The pile is growing, each and every day it gets lager and wider and there is nothing to do about it“ Gun Roswell 

Stacked against the odds

The stacking has begun, and at first, it seemed like a lot of fun, but, as the pile just kept on growing, with no signs of slowing down. Oh well, that was the time of the decline, when the down fall really started. 

As when the stacked up high pile, got too wide and wobbly, supports were place on the sides, to make sure nothing started falling down, but soon enough, stuff, from between the small cracks pushed forward and away, landing on the floor with a crash, a dead giveaway, the pile was no longer strong.

The days passed, but the big pile oddly did last, despite the few cracks here and there, there seemed always to be a spare, to take its place, in the bog pile, now more like a disgrace, than the proud tall statuesque object of admiration it ha once been. 

But, no matter the look of it all, shaggy and bold, the pile that was once stacked, because of all the cool stuff had, now slowly but surely turning into crap, well, it’s still mine to keep, even if I can’t find in there what I seek.

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