Solarised, poolside


“Mother Sol appeared while at the pool, sitting by myself, in the cloudy atmosphere, but now, I am basking in all those warm rays” Gun Roswell

Solarised, poolside

The day started out, quite dull and grey, and there was no indication that the clouds above blocking all the good views, would soon fade. But, feeling daring and bold, as so I am always told, making my way to the pool just outside the rented house, as the yard itself was quite the louse, alas, the pool was the place to be, at least, when wanting to be seen, by the sun itself, perhaps even getting baked in the process, to a nice crispy exterior, well, perhaps not that crispy, but you get the gist of it, letting the ol’ tired body get its air bathing in the warming sun, as the joints and whatnots really like it too, so before getting too blue, I was lying there on the sun bed, half naked, I thought about getting a proper blanket. Alas, those thoughts all soon perished, as a peek of something glamorous, poured through the thick layer of dark clouds and soon enough, those ominous things above were vanquished and the Sol, smiling at my flabbiness, let all the warmth through, and the rest of the day spent basking in the proper sun shine, just because I had dared to wait for it to arrive!

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