Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather be a cold hearted wench, literally! The snow and ice, that ain’t at all nice! Not in April!“ Gun Roswell

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather, always be there, not matter where you are on this small sphere

Perhaps, if going to the moon, then there would be nothing there to over swoon?

No rain, no snow, no heat no warmth, definitely no sunshine, well, at least some, maybe?

But, always and forever, the weather down here on this planet, upon us daily dwellers, present

And that fact, simply annoys the hell out of those who can only see the one point of view

That of there being of an eternal summer with full blown heat and no rain to spare, with drought too, I am afraid

Or then the continued cold of a harsh and monochrome winter, snow, sleet, ice, nothing ever nice even on a dare

The weather gods dropping on their way, just the same old pouring stuff day in and out

Hey! I finally shout to those possibly listening in, what the f..k were you all thinking?

The calendar on the wall, clearly states this is not winter nor fall, but spring time should be all up and in the air

And so, send us some warm kind of weather and sunshine and perhaps a few drops of water too!

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