Sugar rush again

“The sugary sweets, are a treat, but too much of anything is never really a good thing“ Gun Roswell 

Sugar rush again

Sweets, those sugary treats, candy, cookies and chocolates and such, lovely little things, which will make you want to sing, when eating a few, and really carefully chew, none too many bites taken, the hunger easily shaken, but there is such a thing, as over binging, where for sure the sugar rush will leave one high and mighty, even thinking of taking up in flight, the sensations totally light, until they are not, and passing the time of stop without any breaks, the feeling none too great, nausea kicking in, and here is where it all starts to break down, with a face in a frown, now all is needed is a bucket and a gown, when the s..t hits the proverbial fan.

Lesson learned, guess is the one word; moderation. Eating and such, should stop with none too much, and having simply one or two, when still easy to chew, is the goal to follow, otherwise, the overindulgence of a few moments, will lead to many a tummy aches and other inconvenience, something none want to repeat in words, except maybe, the one of sugar rush.

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