Sun setting in the winter afternoon


“The sun is setting also in the middle of the winter, even if it has not been up that long, but yeah, when shining so totally strong, it has to set “ Gun Roswell

Sun setting in the winter afternoon

The day is finally done, and also so gone soon will be, way to soon it seems, the sun who dared to bare its rays in the midst of the winter season, just because without any kind of reason, but for the benefit of those dwelling in the darkness for so long, and needed to get a boost of something totally strong to be able to last until this long winter time had passed and before the beginning of the spring would arrive and then only would the darkness be gone for so long, until the next scheduled dark time would emerge. But on this day a surge, of sunny rays appeared from out of nowhere unexpected, but not rejected as the light of it all, was giving brand new hope for the weary and then, watching the last of the fading light, going into that good night, with a new sense of self to last for a little while longer until the last of the dark days were a tale to tell in the middle of the light filled days and nights of summer time.

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