Sunset in monochrome

“The sun is always setting, no matter whether in colour, or complete monochrome“ Gun Roswell

Sunset in monochrome

The sunset is always so totally beautiful and ever so colourful, and thus the experience of the various shades of oranges, yellows and reds, leave a good memory until the one coming next. But, then, when someone makes a change and the spectrum will change to pure grey, the monochromatic way of seeing things on display, what then of the beauty previously seen of this daily phenomena touching our personal screens, as usually, the flashy and burning colours were totally part of this, scheme for hooking up all to glare and cheer.

“Quite dull me thinks!” Some might say upon first glance, of the image taken from the sun setting over the horizon, as the greys may be a tad surprising, not really the full sparkling colours of the spectacle given by this star as going away for the night, which seemingly should be no surprise, but always is. But, after some time, the onlookers starting to see, the colours even if not quite there, in this monochromatic vision of the one who dared to make the decision and snap the image in black and white, even if it might just have given a fright, for most.

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