Black cat in blue undercover 

“The cat is trying hard to hide its colour, going undercover in another colour“ Gun Roswell 

Black cat in blue undercover 

The dark and curly coat had gotten them in heaps of trouble, at least among those Hoomans, whom were afraid of a black cat, as superstitious nonsense was the believed word, and so, while following those kinds of teachings, the fear for the dark and mysterious was always at play and also soon enough, the black cat legend of being evil to the core, was a truth them would mislead, and perhaps even to some terrible deeds lead, far more awful ones than any black cat mythology would suggest, at their very worst.

So, now, there was a plan for the black cat, which was to get a new outlook in life and also changing the mood around them, the ensemble in a totally new colour, perhaps nothing too conspicuous, rather something mild even, more on the sad side, to earn the pity points, as the sound of the colour itself, caused people around them to pause, and so, without further thought, the black cat changed its feathers, dying the coat the most coldest and coolest shade of blue and thus becoming the black cat in a blue hue.

4 thoughts on “Black cat in blue undercover 

  1. This post tells an intriguing story about a black cat trying to change its appearance in order to avoid being associated with negative superstitions. The author’s use of imagery and descriptive language makes the story come alive, and the idea of the cat dying its fur blue is both clever and amusing. Thank you, author, for sharing this entertaining tale with us.

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  2. What a creative and fun piece of writing! It’s interesting to see the perspective of a black cat and the superstitions surrounding them. The idea of the cat dying its coat a different color to avoid negative associations is unique and amusing. The author has a great way with words and storytelling. Thank you for sharing this fun and imaginative piece with us!

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