On the Path

“At least, I am on a path, to what, who knows, but still, no straying!” Gun Roswell

On the Path

The long path ahead
May be wide or even narrow
But that simple fact I won’t let
Choosing it to make my own

Navigating between the right and wrong
There is nothing to it, but staying strong
And even if I slip every now and again
The path will still be in front of me just the same

Gladly hopping on that trail
Keeping my fingers crossed I won’t fail
And if I manage to steer mostly clear
Then for the future, I have no fear

The path keeps on winding
Sometimes, my with my teeth grinding
I take a breath and stop
But soon enough, I am back on the road

Moving forward, one step at the time
Sometimes feeling sorrow, other times I am fine
But the path keeps on going
Without an end showing

And me, I just keep walking
For what else is there, to do?

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