Camp NaNoWrimo 2021 Final Day

Today is the final day of CampNaNoWriMo2021. My total word count so far is 60,435 of the target of 50,000 words, so I not only achieved my goal, but exceeded it! Go me, yay!

Well that is the good news. The other news is that I still have some effort to complete the book, which will be the seventh/eight depending on the editing in the series of “Perfection” which is my upon coming sci-fi book series. So, thus the final leg of book begins and I, will be typing away through the ever lightening nights 😉

This has been a busy month of writing to say the least but also there was a great incentive to do so once again with the gang at foundation and those writers taking part in this challenge feeling my pain or fun or what ever the sensation might be, to be on top of things and to achieve the allotted timeframes.

If you haven’t already, then go and check out what is going on at the NaNoWriMo site as there are all kinds of information for writers and also these cool camps to participate in, find other writers and finally start working on that novel you had planned!

Happy writing all!

Skies from above and below

“The skies keep changing every time I look at them, that is so totally awesome!” Gun Roswell

Skies from above and below

While I am standing here on the ground, looking up towards the skies, like the human spy, I feel small, like a pawn of some kind, in the eternal game of life, at least, where the grand scheme of things is played out there, in the grand spheres, but I continue glancing up, without much fear. Always with my head held high, as if attempting to reach the clouds. A dreamer of sorts and yes, I feel so bold, even if I was told, I should not attempt rising above, from this secure place with my feet on the ground. But I never listen to anyone trying to keep me down, and so I keep watching and dreaming that one day, I too may be lifted from this ground. Still, there was just the means, which kept eluding me and yet a good method to rise up there, to be found…

Then I was informed there might just be another way around, this dilemma of a feeling of being left back, on the ground. It comes in the form of wings and engines and can fly long distances without much hindrance. The plane as it is called, and this time around I really was so totally bold, as I reserved a seat on this fine flying machine, because I wanted to go to a place I had never seen. As the vessel soared high above the fine fluffy clouds, and even if the noises there, were really quite loud, I knew then and there, that this was the place I had searched for a long time and now finally found. But the problem once again remained, as it seemed likely, I could on this level forever stay. After all, it was a mere machine, which took a lot of effort to rise up in the skies, and it simply was not able to remain there for any long amount of time. But, at least I had the opportunity to have a taste of what was up there high, and even that small period in time, did make me smile.

But, next time, I want to go further even, maybe, towards the unknown space, I soon would be leaving and then, travel the universe, the galaxies, but that is a story for another time.

Fire, Stones and Water

“The elements of nature, we all need love and sometimes fear too“ Gun Roswell

Fire, Stones and Water

The fire, burning so brightly, warming body and soul, but also good for cooking all kinds of meals. But, treat it with much respect, as burned you will get if too close to it you stick your finger. Just admire it from a far and you will be fine as it is quite the element from the divine.

The stones, much like sticks, might break your slender bones. But, you can also use them to build so many a structures, which will stand the testament of time. The architecture also, from the divine or then some of it, may illicit, a smile, as someone had just a made a simple pile.

The water, the oldest balm of them all, the place, where we were all born. It is the essence of our survival, the stuff we are mostly made off, but also, it looks good. The colour, the waves, sometimes even watery graves. But fear not, and dare, to take a dive into the calming cool blues, with a multitude of hues it keeps our imagination alive as much as ourselves too.

All kinds of shade

“When in doubt, put on some shades and you are hidden away from prying eyes and the sun and that is no pun!“ Gun Roswell

All kinds of shade

When the sun shines to hot and bright, it is time, to make a move to the right, or left, depending on where you can find, the right kind of shade, for cooling off and taking a break, from that warm globe high up in the skies, which might have made you smile before you realised it was pretty hot out there, with all kinds of flares, because you ventured out there on your first day on a dare.

Sitting or lying down, it is all just fine as long as there is no frown shown on your face, as it might there permanently stay, if you gotten yourself burnt by the rays so hot and sizzling, it got you all bothered and dizzy, but all is well now, in the cool shade. And no need to hurry away, simply stay, as long as you need or even for the rest of the day, you can in this safe haven of sorts lay.

All kinds of shade is what you can find, when the sun and maybe the rest of the worshipers of the golden globe up there, gets too much even if it was fun to share, the beach so warm, the sand getting that was getting everywhere, but hey, this is part of the deal, of enjoying the so called summer activities, and not being the odd person out, even if you needed to shout because it was simply too hot and too much out there, in the sun, before you decided to run and come to the dark side, out of the light, in the cooling calming shade.

Up and down the steep hill

“The scenic route, taken up and then down, with so much of a frown as it was so damned hot!” Gun Roswell

Up and down the steep hill

The only way up, to really see what was on the very top, was to climb the steep and dangerous and totally narrow path, with the crowds so packed, that you could not take a break without loosing your step. But what the heck, it was a holiday trek after all, and it was time to see it all. The history, or rather rate old rocks, once a magnificent fort, but now only a sad sack of stones, but hey, I was willing to climb with these old bones, even if it killed me in the process.

So climbing, climbing, never stopping, sweating, gasping for air, this was hardly fair. It was supposed to be a fun holiday and not a time to slave. Still, I had made the decision, to make my way up there, almost touching the stratosphere, as the mountain was certainly that high, and I was not stating this with an easy smile, rather a grind of my teeth. But there was no defeat, only on choice, to make it up there or die trying, well, guess not, but still, it was hard.

That was until I reached the bloody top and then, I stopped, for a breather, a drink, a snap of the views I think. And then, there was only one more thing remaining for me to do, and that was to climb back down again! And hey, that was another feat notch onto my proverbial belt! As I stared on my way, the bad blood and hatred felt, on my skin as those still on their way up there, were silently cursing all their way.

Red houses for a blue Monday

“Monday’s might be totally blue, but the houses of red will cheer you up for sure!” Gun Roswell

Red houses for a blue Monday

You may hate Monday’s because they will make you totally blue like
In feeling and mood and worse case scenario, your face so fright
But then something so wonderfully delightful catches your very eye
Red coated homes at the end of the street as they stand in perfect pose
Surely such colourful things will take your kind off the Monday’s dose?
So, do not be afraid, but a step inside, through the door open wide
And then, make your way, shedding off the Monday’s saddening dismay
Maybe, even for a while stay, and let the colours your blue to red claim

It’s not that comfy but it’s still a seat 

“It’s a Sunday so I takes a seat, admitting defeat, as lazy be me” Gun Roswell 

It’s not that comfy but it’s still a seat 

Call me lazy, call me sleazy, sometimes even too sleepy. Call me what you must, but on this day of Sunday, nothing will get me moving from my perfect spot. As the title clearly states, today is the day of a Sunday seat, and whether it might be rickety and not so completely neat, this will be, that one respite for me. And you see, this is not out of being lazy or other wise hazy, well it might just be that too, but hey, after a hard weeks worth of work, I do not consider it be an action of a jerk, to simply want to sit down, and let the day, slowly and gently, pass by. And until that daunting day arrives, that of a Monday, this is all just fine, maybe with some wine too, or juice, what ever works for you.

Look this way! Now this way! (Caturday)

“Having a photoshoot with a cat, well, the secret is having plenty of gadgets about and some really good year tuna” Gun Roswell

Look this way! Now this way!

The music was playing and the hips were swaying, flashes of bright light hitting the ceiling as the photoshoot was in full swing. It was that time of the year, when the seasonal cards were waiting to be sent and this year was no exception, but the cat was not liking the contraption on his head at all. Dressing up, even if it was supposed to be for fun with a mighty and good smelling reward waiting at the end, this was not his idea of a good day to be spent. But, his keeper had insisted it would all be fun, dressing up in all kinds of costumes she had made up for his benefit, or so, he had been sold, because if he was really bold, they all looked pretty ugly to him. He would rather swim, in a cold river than put on any of that Hooman clothing, but then again, this was his keepers thing. Quicksta-ham or what ever the place was called, apparently was the thing now and his pictures were  plastered all over the place and the Hoomans were crazy in love with snaps of cats in costumes. Whatever, as long as he got his reward, he was going to put up, with this torture of a thing, but later, he was going to have his payback! And that was a promise he intended to keep, even if he had no idea what evil deed it would be. After all, he was not a doll, he had his pride and then he heard it, the click again. But soon after, there was another sound, the one of a lid being pulled off of a tin can and that meant only one thing! Tuna time, and then, all was fine again in his little world.

Welcome to Gun

I just published my new author page on WordPress: Gun Roswell
Lots of “coming soon” stuff over there, as I sort of jumped the gun, pun intended, before even one book has been launched. But they are all written so, soon, promise! And hey, one has to start somewhere, right!? Self promotion and all that jazz!


“Welcome to my page of books, stories, poetry and yes, even a podcast or few (which is on the menu for later). There is sci-fi, action, crime investigation, romance, sometimes explicit, often times general kind of themes and well, some odd stuff too. But, all the stories of mine feature strong women/women types in them, always.”