All kinds of shade

“When in doubt, put on some shades and you are hidden away from prying eyes and the sun and that is no pun!“ Gun Roswell

All kinds of shade

When the sun shines to hot and bright, it is time, to make a move to the right, or left, depending on where you can find, the right kind of shade, for cooling off and taking a break, from that warm globe high up in the skies, which might have made you smile before you realised it was pretty hot out there, with all kinds of flares, because you ventured out there on your first day on a dare.

Sitting or lying down, it is all just fine as long as there is no frown shown on your face, as it might there permanently stay, if you gotten yourself burnt by the rays so hot and sizzling, it got you all bothered and dizzy, but all is well now, in the cool shade. And no need to hurry away, simply stay, as long as you need or even for the rest of the day, you can in this safe haven of sorts lay.

All kinds of shade is what you can find, when the sun and maybe the rest of the worshipers of the golden globe up there, gets too much even if it was fun to share, the beach so warm, the sand getting that was getting everywhere, but hey, this is part of the deal, of enjoying the so called summer activities, and not being the odd person out, even if you needed to shout because it was simply too hot and too much out there, in the sun, before you decided to run and come to the dark side, out of the light, in the cooling calming shade.

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