Fire, Stones and Water

“The elements of nature, we all need love and sometimes fear too“ Gun Roswell

Fire, Stones and Water

The fire, burning so brightly, warming body and soul, but also good for cooking all kinds of meals. But, treat it with much respect, as burned you will get if too close to it you stick your finger. Just admire it from a far and you will be fine as it is quite the element from the divine.

The stones, much like sticks, might break your slender bones. But, you can also use them to build so many a structures, which will stand the testament of time. The architecture also, from the divine or then some of it, may illicit, a smile, as someone had just a made a simple pile.

The water, the oldest balm of them all, the place, where we were all born. It is the essence of our survival, the stuff we are mostly made off, but also, it looks good. The colour, the waves, sometimes even watery graves. But fear not, and dare, to take a dive into the calming cool blues, with a multitude of hues it keeps our imagination alive as much as ourselves too.

3 thoughts on “Fire, Stones and Water

  1. I would consider using the other elicit, rather than illicit, but you mighta done it on purpose, like Walt Kelly in Pogo comics. Lovely post.


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