Skies from above and below

“The skies keep changing every time I look at them, that is so totally awesome!” Gun Roswell

Skies from above and below

While I am standing here on the ground, looking up towards the skies, like the human spy, I feel small, like a pawn of some kind, in the eternal game of life, at least, where the grand scheme of things is played out there, in the grand spheres, but I continue glancing up, without much fear. Always with my head held high, as if attempting to reach the clouds. A dreamer of sorts and yes, I feel so bold, even if I was told, I should not attempt rising above, from this secure place with my feet on the ground. But I never listen to anyone trying to keep me down, and so I keep watching and dreaming that one day, I too may be lifted from this ground. Still, there was just the means, which kept eluding me and yet a good method to rise up there, to be found…

Then I was informed there might just be another way around, this dilemma of a feeling of being left back, on the ground. It comes in the form of wings and engines and can fly long distances without much hindrance. The plane as it is called, and this time around I really was so totally bold, as I reserved a seat on this fine flying machine, because I wanted to go to a place I had never seen. As the vessel soared high above the fine fluffy clouds, and even if the noises there, were really quite loud, I knew then and there, that this was the place I had searched for a long time and now finally found. But the problem once again remained, as it seemed likely, I could on this level forever stay. After all, it was a mere machine, which took a lot of effort to rise up in the skies, and it simply was not able to remain there for any long amount of time. But, at least I had the opportunity to have a taste of what was up there high, and even that small period in time, did make me smile.

But, next time, I want to go further even, maybe, towards the unknown space, I soon would be leaving and then, travel the universe, the galaxies, but that is a story for another time.

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