Look this way! Now this way! (Caturday)

“Having a photoshoot with a cat, well, the secret is having plenty of gadgets about and some really good year tuna” Gun Roswell

Look this way! Now this way!

The music was playing and the hips were swaying, flashes of bright light hitting the ceiling as the photoshoot was in full swing. It was that time of the year, when the seasonal cards were waiting to be sent and this year was no exception, but the cat was not liking the contraption on his head at all. Dressing up, even if it was supposed to be for fun with a mighty and good smelling reward waiting at the end, this was not his idea of a good day to be spent. But, his keeper had insisted it would all be fun, dressing up in all kinds of costumes she had made up for his benefit, or so, he had been sold, because if he was really bold, they all looked pretty ugly to him. He would rather swim, in a cold river than put on any of that Hooman clothing, but then again, this was his keepers thing. Quicksta-ham or what ever the place was called, apparently was the thing now and his pictures were  plastered all over the place and the Hoomans were crazy in love with snaps of cats in costumes. Whatever, as long as he got his reward, he was going to put up, with this torture of a thing, but later, he was going to have his payback! And that was a promise he intended to keep, even if he had no idea what evil deed it would be. After all, he was not a doll, he had his pride and then he heard it, the click again. But soon after, there was another sound, the one of a lid being pulled off of a tin can and that meant only one thing! Tuna time, and then, all was fine again in his little world.

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