Plotting, planning, always writing

“There is just something so freeing in writing by the seat of your pants, the flow simply pouring into any tale possible… but the editing of said supposed masterpiece is pure hell!” Gun Roswell

Plotting, planning, always writing

The guidelines for any good writing, apparently are those of careful planning, plot devising and character development, not to mention world building and keeping it in the rigid story structure as taught by the myriad of books out there for novice and even the more advanced writers and those whom are still searching for their, thing?

Sure, but if those same teachers also urge the bard to write what they know? About their lived life, the things around them, the daily grind? Well, then far off are we as life, really has no such structure. Unless you count the birth, living and death as such, a three act structure perhaps?

But then, how can you write that story if you are still living?

Okay, taking things to the very extremes as this author usually tends to do, no matter life, writing or well, plotting the secret world domination…oops, that one was supposed to be a secret? Guess the cat is once again popping out of the bag eh?

But I do digress.

The type of writer, no matter what the books, the tubes, the articles might just suggest are only guilders, recommendations. After all, writing, is an art form along any other similar activity. And whether you prefer to write whatever pops up into your wicked little mind and do not care about plotting, planning and such, then you are as correct to be doing so as those whom simply love to plot and plan and whatnot.

It’s all good, as long, as you keep on, writing.

As there is no right or wrong way, to simply sit down and write.

Out of order for now!

“There is always something isn’t there! 
In the IT world nothing is more sure than the fact that something breaks!” 
Gun Roswell 

Out of order for now!

Dear WordPress friends and readers,

My blog is currently on the fritz and rolled back to 14th of April 2020.

You see, I made a request to change my plan for the site and it was supposed to be a two hour job. However, they found a bug there (and not the several legged crawling kind one either). From where it came from I have no idea as I have not changed anything on my blog for years (admitting guilty for being lazy in that aspect) except the plan by clicking choices to boxes on the ordering page and paying for it (monetary currency so far). But now, it has been over a day since the support request was opened and so far, the site is on hold as they told me not to post anything meanwhile. But I wanted you all to know the situation as I have no idea when this will all be fixed. They have assured me that the posts are safe and I have my own back-ups of course. But all this delay seems such a wasted opportunity to me and not to mention loosing my “Streak” 😉 I can only hope this will be solved ASAP, but working in IT myself I find it odd that the paying customer has to suffer for this and keep asking the important question of “when?” constantly.

Well, this is life and it goes on even with small glitches such as this.
Today I got my first corona shot so I am happy for that at least😀

Meanwhile I will follow your stories and keep writing my own every day even if I cannot post them.

Keep on writing and most of all, keep on blogging no matter what!!!

With Best Regards,

Welcome to Gun

I just published my new author page on WordPress: Gun Roswell
Lots of “coming soon” stuff over there, as I sort of jumped the gun, pun intended, before even one book has been launched. But they are all written so, soon, promise! And hey, one has to start somewhere, right!? Self promotion and all that jazz!


“Welcome to my page of books, stories, poetry and yes, even a podcast or few (which is on the menu for later). There is sci-fi, action, crime investigation, romance, sometimes explicit, often times general kind of themes and well, some odd stuff too. But, all the stories of mine feature strong women/women types in them, always.”

Something About Followers from The Tony Burgess Blog

The Tony Burgess Blog

I have nearly 2500 followers on this blog. This is not to brag to but to bring up a larger point in that about 5% of them have regular engagement (commenting and liking). Perhaps it says something about bigger not always being better. Some of my fellow bloggers have 4 times the followers I do and have way more activity. I wonder if its the content or the person that keeps them coming back. In either case you have to offer something to keep people interested in you and what you are writing.

Sure there are case studies about such things but when it comes down to it you have to just be yourself and hope that can be the magic that draws people in. Everyone has their own sauce so to speak and the ingredients are as varied as their are recipes for this social thing.

But there is…

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Two Year Anniversary on WordPress

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“If I waited until I felt like writing,
I’d never write at all”
Anne Tyler

<wp pic>

Two Year Anniversary on WordPress

Today, it has been two years since I started my blog Rantings of a Third Kind here on WordPress.

“A poem a day keeps the shrink at bay”, is a great guideline to follow and it is has been working for me at least!

My advice, in case you asked, to all you bloggers and wanna be writers out there, is to set yourself some time aside each day and if nothing else, pour your mind flow onto the paper or as it is in these modern days, in bits and bytes. I know this may sound like cliched advice, but it’s better to force yourself to a routine of writing rather than postponing it for one reason or another. I know there are always excuses as to why not, but in the end, if you have a passion for writing, the excuse are just that – excuses. And do not be afraid to publish, good or bad, it’s all good in the end.

Gun Roswell


1000 Followers for Rantings Of A Third Kind

Celebration time on Rantings Of A Third Kind


“There are 100 million blogs in the world, and it’s part of my job as the co-founder of WordPress to help many more people start blogging” Matt Mullenweg

1000 Followers for Rantings Of A Third Kind

Time to pop the cork of the champagne bottle:
A total of 1001 followers for Rantings of a Third Kind as of today!

A most sincere and huge thanks to all my Readers and Followers!


Keep calm and keep on reading 🙂


1337 Post Celebration @ Rantings Of A Third Kind

Celebration time on Rantings Of A Third Kind


“I still blog, therefore, I still am”

1337 Post Celebration @ Rantings Of A Third Kind


For some reason, Word Press decided 1337 posts is a landmark and therefor I am celebrating once again 😉

Thanks to You, all my followers and readers for keeping me going!

Keep calm and keep on blogging!

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