Plotting, planning, always writing

“There is just something so freeing in writing by the seat of your pants, the flow simply pouring into any tale possible… but the editing of said supposed masterpiece is pure hell!” Gun Roswell

Plotting, planning, always writing

The guidelines for any good writing, apparently are those of careful planning, plot devising and character development, not to mention world building and keeping it in the rigid story structure as taught by the myriad of books out there for novice and even the more advanced writers and those whom are still searching for their, thing?

Sure, but if those same teachers also urge the bard to write what they know? About their lived life, the things around them, the daily grind? Well, then far off are we as life, really has no such structure. Unless you count the birth, living and death as such, a three act structure perhaps?

But then, how can you write that story if you are still living?

Okay, taking things to the very extremes as this author usually tends to do, no matter life, writing or well, plotting the secret world domination…oops, that one was supposed to be a secret? Guess the cat is once again popping out of the bag eh?

But I do digress.

The type of writer, no matter what the books, the tubes, the articles might just suggest are only guilders, recommendations. After all, writing, is an art form along any other similar activity. And whether you prefer to write whatever pops up into your wicked little mind and do not care about plotting, planning and such, then you are as correct to be doing so as those whom simply love to plot and plan and whatnot.

It’s all good, as long, as you keep on, writing.

As there is no right or wrong way, to simply sit down and write.

7 thoughts on “Plotting, planning, always writing

    • Where I changed my attitude about Structure and the Need for it was under the Tutelage of a British College English Professor and I still thank him today every now and then.

      Hurt my feelings so bad after the first ‘Paper I turned in and he really Ripped me. I had not been aware of the things I was Doing wrong. and Not necessarily Structure.. I had other issues. Especially The Proper Format which was part of the assignment. I digress

      Your post actually had more structure than what you usually display.
      I like the direction your writing is going in mostly. Weeding out the negative thoughts about where ever direction you decide will be Pivotal .

      Where Focus goes. Energy Flows.
      This is why we must always focus on what we wish to see.
      Instead of what we Do Not want to see.

      Best of Luck in your ‘Search’.


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