Behind the shadows, light peeks 

“The light will always prevail, no matter how dark it may just seem now.” Gun Roswell

Behind the shadows, light peeks 

The darkness descended all over the land, the time of year, someone retorted, but there was nothing better at hand, part from some artificial lights shining the way, even if it was in the middle of the day, as this phenomena was there for a while to stay.

But, there was really nowhere to stray, the path still clear, no matter night or day, the only difference, was the total darkness, having taken a hold of the northern part of the blue globe, aptly named, as Polar Nights, there was no manner of fight, to prevent it them from happening.

Having gotten used to this, seasonal trade, as in turn been given practically nightless nights in the middle of the summer times, for several months on end, only the light would there play, but now as it as late in the year, the seasonal celebration neat, the darkness was the one true constant.

And so, moving forward, day by day, as if slaves to the rhythm, apathy and frowns, taking over the once proud and smiling dwellers, like they were inside of a spell, but knowing this was only temporary, they moved on, out of spite to last over this, prolonged night, as light, would in the end prevail.

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