Somewhere high up, hanging on the clouds

“The sky is endless, stretching to the horizon and beyond, going on, forever“ Gun Roswell

Somewhere high up, hanging on the clouds

Seated, on the side of the window

En route to somewhere different that much I know

Hopefully a place nice and slightly warm


Still, very much unknown

At least for the duration

But that does not matter, as there is no hesitation

As the journey, is the one interesting

Not the location itself reached less so

It might just be a sandy and sunny beach

Then again

It just might be a slippery snowy slope

Whatever the end location is

Does not matter as long as this 

Bliss of being up here

Amongst the fluffy clouds

Amongst the brightly lit stars

Even the thin line of a horizon

Sun setting and soon again arising

Even the stars above laugh

Can be seen if there is enough

Darkness around the very vessel

Having set its “sails” out of suggestion

Towards the foreign land somewhere ahead

And so, there I sit like the others few

Admiring the many similar views

From the best seat on the craft

Hoping this trip will a while longer last

Because I am loving this, having a total blast

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