Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

“It’s funny how we are never happy about where we are at any given moment, always dreaming of some place else, supposedly much better than this one is“ Gun Roswell

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

There is one constant in the universe, or at least on this very planet, that of the dwellers, namely humans, are never happy about staying in just one single place

Whether they want to travel for a while or perhaps permanently relocate, it seems to be encoded inside of the DNA to want to be a on the move and not in one locale stay

And if stuck in the same ol same ol, what do these, two legged brainy creatures do?
Well, day dreaming all day long, of some other place far far away until they fall, into a deep sleep, most likely having the same dream on repeat

So, whether it is of a vacation soon to follow, or simply some far away distant fantasy, those yet to be undiscovered vistas at least for the one person, keeps them going on

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