Too much stuff to do, too little energy to do it!

“There are always things on the to-do list pending, always!” Gun Roswell

Too much stuff to do, too little energy to do it!

Chores, tasks, gigs, jobs, whatever you might them wanna call, they seem to be of an endless supply, but, never one to shy away from a challenge, still, where is the time for it all, and should I care any less?

The planner always full, with something or another to do, never the time for rest, even for the best, not that I am claiming to be one, but it would be nice, at least for once, to have a completely empty desk with a cleared up calendar!

So, guess I will do nothing to day, as there is just too much there, I would not even know where to begin, and hey, if it is a sin, to just slack for a day, then fine, I am a mega big sinner, so go ahead, on me, lay all the blame! 

3 thoughts on “Too much stuff to do, too little energy to do it!

  1. Felt like this today … but plodded on and on and on ….otherwise tomorrow I will have double plodding to do. One day maybe I won’t have to plod at all … and pigs will fly. For there will always be something to do … life throws spanners in the works and threw in a sick dog who was operated and now needs some care; three stray puppies that I rescued with intent to find homes and still have not had time to do so …. and a stray cat that realised I took in the puppies so maybe I will take in her litter which she brought into the garden and then into the house and now they roam around like they own the house. And Spit at my dog who growls but wont bite back. It’s a full day for sure until I can find homes for the ‘vagrants’😀 . Wish I could go direct to your fourth stage 😜

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